Flow 5.0 + exclusive Interview with Daan Roosegaarde

Flickr-photo by Oxidiser

Flow 5.0 ist eine interaktive Landschaft des renommierten niederländischen Ateliers "Studio Roosegarde". gemacht aus 1200 Lüftern von Xilence. Die Installation reagiert beim Vorbeigehen auf Schall und Bewegung, sodass der Betrachter hiermit auf eine beeindruckende Weise interagieren kann. Schaut es euch an!

Flickr-photo by Studio Roosegaarde
Flickr-photo by Studio Roosegaarde

Exclusive Interview(English) with Daan Roosegaarde:

Roosegaarde’s work explores the dynamic relation between architecture, people and new media.
His sculptures are a collision of technology and the human body. In this interaction the sculptures create a situation where visitor and (public) space become one. (1)
Foto by http://www.studioroosegaarde.nl/

1. What are the main determinants in the design process for you?
Daan Roosegaarde: "I am highly interested in the dynamic relation between your body and its surrounding architecture. Technology is becoming a more and more influential element in the way we communicate and experience our social identity. I am interested in making environments which merge technology into this sensual, techno poetry experience."

2. What made you come up with the concept of Flow 5.0?
Daan Roosegaarde: "After the success of 'Dune' there was a strong need for me to move away from LEDs and make something you could actually physicially feel. The beauty of Flow 5.0 is that it exist out of 1000 fans (made in Taiwan) but creates these beautiful fields of transparencies and artificial wind when your hands gets nearby."

3. What did you experience while developing Flow 5.0?
Daan Roosegaarde: "At Studio Roosegaarde we developed the design and interactive tech such as the electronics, software and sensors. Its a very precise work of art with a high notion of detail. One intern went mad while working on it and left. Main goal was to embed all elements so you would not see the wires or sensors but experience the artwork that respond to you; as an extension of your skin. By placing in at the premiere of TodaysArt in the City Hall of The Hague NL people would interact with the artwork on a daily base."
Flickr-photo by Studio Roosegaarde

4. What do you think about kinetic architecture?
Daan Roosegaarde: "A lot of it remains responsive, not interactive. It should be something which creates a 22nd century 'natural' relation with the building and its visitors; something which morphes and evolves based on this interaction. Just see how the staircase updated itself within several years into the escalator- from static to motion detected installation. The technology is there but it remains the question what we want to talk about and how we give a social sense to this topic. This is the exploration of interactive architecture."

5. What are your current obsessions and preoccupations?
Daan Roosegaarde: "We just finished the first version of the Sustainable Dance Floor(Post 25.07 + Part 2); a floor which generates energy when you dance on it.
At the moment we are developing Liquid Space 6.0; an interactive space on motion and sound. It will be exhibited in public space in Japan beginning of November. After that we will be working on more larger scale architectural projects such as an interactive facade. You feel that the projects are up-scaling; something which is a very exciting exploration."

6. Any maxim you'd like to leave for our readers?
Daan Roosegaarde: "stay tuned at www.studioroosegaarde.net"

If you still can't have enought of Daan Roosegaarde. Here is also a interesting interview by Nimk.nl

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(1) http://www.studioroosegaarde.nl/work_html.php?project_name=Flow5.0
(2) Found via http://www.interactivearchitecture.org/flow-50-daan-roosegaarde.html

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